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How to start a VR Revolution

Despite most of 2016 having been taken up by the US Election. 2016 also saw the rise of chatbots, virtual reality, automation and made business transformation design ‘trendy’ again. Another strong year for UXers, Designers, Creatives and our profession as a whole. However, a slow year for the investors, influencers and change makers.

So what are the forces of resistance? Our founder talks about VR and the most visible and immediate area of resistance.

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Fictional User Interfaces, Film User Interfaces, Future User Interfaces. That is what we used to call them. Now we call them 3D User Interfaces. Why, because the future is here!

Our founder talks about switching to VR and documents some of the topics needed, if you too are thinking about jumping into this exciting new medium (without making the mistakes he did).

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The National Gallery - 360º VR Experience

The National Gallery houses some of the greatest collections of art in the world. We at akanoodles proposed an immersive and intuitive experience that allowed users to sample The National Gallery from any location in the world. Giving them the ability to look around and see things if they were actually there.

Users were able to view artwork at actual size as the artist intended and have access to exclusive audio commentary from gallery curators and experts.

Strategically, the proposal allowed the gallery to ‘bring the museum’ to the classroom, benefitting educators across the country; Engaging and driving the gallery’s collection to new markets and reach younger audiences faster.

We also presented an in gallery experience that modernised the collection specifically designed for less mobile visitors and impaired guests.

Functions: Business Model Creation, Product Management, Digital Design, User-experience, Visual Design and Creative Direction

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CNN Style - Digital Brand Experience

CNN Style saw the relaunch, rebrand and transition of the style section to a full editorial vertical. We had to evolve what we had grown as a brand and reinforce its positioning across all digital platforms. The aesthetic clean design required a content audit, information architecture redevelopment, user experience evaluation and a visual design pivot. We worked with an incredible typographer to create a highly legible custom font to solidify the brand.

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Functions: Digital Design, User-experience, Visual Design and Creative Direction

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DinnerDex - iOS App

DinnerDex is a personal project. Envisioned years ago but has now evolved into an app. The concept is to fill the gap in the market created by the economic crisis, the big push for a healthier lifestyle and the increased use of additives and preservatives in ready meals. DinnerDex targets the generation of adults who are savvier about money and more cautious about what goes into our foods. The project is currently in development and we will be in a fresh round of funding over the next few months.

Functions: Product Management, Digital Design, User-experience, Visual Design and Creative Direction

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Sky - Augmented Reality enhanced Printed Magazine

We worked with John Brown Media in an integrated capacity working on a pitch for Sky TV. This saw the development of a printed magazine which also used an image-recognition phone app aimed at delivering augmented reality experiences. Furthering the longevity of the printed document.

Functions: Product Management, Digital Design, User-experience, Visual Design and Creative Direction

Times Print Pages
Times Site Pages
Times Responsive Pages
Times iPad Pages

The Times - Paywall redesign

Our founder had been a designer at The Times for many years and worked on some of the most prestigious projects there, having a senior role in both Editorial and Digital aspects of the business.

His editorial design role involved design editing the paper, managing a team of designers and developing ideas for the visual presentation of articles, information and pictures. Working closely with the graphics team designing and building graphics - both as static images as well as interactive visualisations.

In his digital capacity he was honoured to be the Lead designer for the 2009 'Paywall' redesign. This saw the separation of The Times and The Sunday Times sites and saw the introduction of a subscription-based model.

Functions: Digital Design, User-experience, Visual Design and Creative Direction


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