Alignment Plan

An alignment workshop helps you decide whether to work with me or not.

We spend one hour with you to structure your thoughts and define the work more clearly. Increasing the chances of success, whether you decide to work with us, someone else or complete the work internally.

Customer Benefits
State of play conversation
  • Vendor validation
  • Experience Remote workshopping
  • Define the project
State of play conversation
We spend ten minutes talking about your current challenges as a business. Asking questions around your customers, problems, solutions, measurement, power and plans.

Workshop taster exercise
We spend the next 15 minutes, 5 minutes per question on your uniques value proposition.

Next steps
We close out the meeting and over the next few days I create a high-level journey map. The map does not explore solution ideas but enables us to align on a high-level workflow and visualises crucial areas of investment. Once the map is complete, you can decide to work with me, someone else or do the work internally.
Sound good?
If that sounds good to you, why don’t you arrange a chat and get something started together.

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