There are a whole host of reasons to take a long, hard look at your brand. Maybe new competitors have entered your market, or you're finding it difficult to express your brand difference. Your customers may have changed significantly, perhaps you've developed new products and services, or you're entering a new market. It could be that your company's growth has slowed or stopped and you're finding it increasingly difficult to attract top talent.

Whatever the reason, holding a brand sprint will provide you with insights to start to tackle these issues. But more than that, it will give you the competitive advantage that you can build on and sustain.

A compelling brand proposition allows you to take on your competitors more effectively. They will help to align your brand more closely with your customers and even make inroads into new markets.

I've spent years testing ways to get to brand truths, and I make no apology for borrowing the best of other people's ideas to come up with a 15-day approach to establishing your brand purpose, vision, mission, personality, values and positioning.

What does a Brand Sprint look like?

Day 1, we workshop your strategy to define:
• Value proposition canvas
• Key brand elements
• Brand mapping
• Golden circle
• One line statement
• Trueline and tagline
• Brand pyramid

Day 2-11, over the next ten days, we then work on your key visual identity and create brand communication guidelines.

Day 12-15, we work on your growth strategy and look at advertising, co-branding and verbal identity..

What are the deliverables?
Digital Design system and tone-of-voice guidelines

Compressing months of work into a few weeks and providing you with everything you need to address any horizontal integration challenge you're facing.

Want me to run a brand sprint?

I'm ready to contribute to the greater good, and collaborate with other awesome people. So drop me a line, or give me a heads up if you're in the area.