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I'm an entrepreneurial designer inspired by technology, brands and emerging platforms. Considered a Creative 'doer' as well as a Creative 'thinker' with an extensive portfolio built from working in multiple sectors.

I'm a bit like Larry David, irritated by things that normal people would ignore and obsessed with making them better. But my focus has usually been on digital transformation, problem-solving and managing identities throughout all types of media.

I can identify and address solutions holistically, benefitting from learning about product, marketing and code so that I can talk to people in languages they understand and on their level.

I articulate the benefits of a User-Centred Approach, why it's innovative and how we've managed to develop and maintain the creative concept throughout the project to final delivery.

But at the end of the day, my process is not 'Copy and Paste.’ I adapt my style to the client or the organisation I’m working with.
I like projects where I'm leading and overseeing the work of a team, and occasionally being hands-on by setting direction, running workshops and stakeholder management. Ensuring my output is geared to increase conversion, brand awareness and is operationally efficient.
  • Supervised up to 25 employees
  • Led and created multi-disciplinary project teams from 1-28+
  • Reduced operational costs by more than 15%
  • Increased efficiency within departments
  • Designed process improvements and departmental ways of working
  • Managed senior stakeholders and executive teams
  • Client Management
  • Cross-platform brand management
  • Digital Product Innovation
  • Digital Strategy
  • Design Sprint (workshop) facilitation
  • Brand positioning
  • Business development
  • Pitching
  • VR/AR Product Design
  • AI Personality Design
  • Interactive space design
  • Team management
  • Training/Mentorship
  • Project Delivery
  • Presales and upselling
My strength is I know when to work towards consensus and when to end the debate and make decisions. As a strategic leader I'm always looking at the bigger picture and know which battles to pick and which ones to let go.

My weakness is I have a straightforward, get shit done attitude, which has worked well for me over the years as I'm able to do things efficiently, and people appreciate my honesty. But my bluntness can sometimes rub people up the wrong way, especially when I haven't taken time to earn peoples trust and develop a relationship with them.

I'm actively learning to pause before I speak, think and read rooms better. I've also made building strong relationships a priority.
Im looking to be part of a solid design team, with a high level of ability. I want to work with people that have a real passion for the job, who actually want to be here and can be inspired by.

A positive work environment is important for me, not just free beer and lunches, but empathetic senior management.

Somewhere where I have some autonomy, job stability and know that we're creating things that resonate with people and impact their lives without them knowing we had anything to do with it.
Well, I find it quite difficult to pinpoint moments that I'm proud of as I always feel a sense of imposter syndrome. I have a hard time accepting compliments, but its no big deal to me.
They'd say I'm easy-going and that I contribute hugely to a positive team environment. They say I know my stuff, show a lot of initiative and very professional at all times.
I consider myself a 'strategic leader’ and put the success of the team ahead of my own status. I like to grow and develop my teams by aligning them to key KPI's such as time on task, positive customer sentiment and conversion.

I also like to focus on creating stability by removing or predicting obstacles and leaning into better performance by defining goals quickly

I give my teams space to breath, encouraging autonomy, providing the safety to fail, learn and grow into independent and progressive minded people.

Again, essentially making sure that everything is geared towards conversion, brand awareness and operational efficiency.
My process changes from client to client, scale with project budgets and delivery times. I look at the challenges they are facing. I then determine whether it's a technology issue, user experience, customer experience, branding or business problem. I then work with other members of our team and figure out how we solve this for them with say a Service Blueprint. But at the end of the day, it's not 'Copy and Paste.' I adapt my style to the client and the organisation I work for.

I've documented my UX approaches here, my mood boards here, and my learnings here.

You can also take a look at my case studies which are documented in a Situation, Obstacle, Action and Result framework.