Ideation: Crazy Eights

‘Crazy eights’ is a time-constrained ideation process that can be carried out by a team or an individual. The activity lasts eight minutes and can be repeated in several different ways, to whittle down the ideas generated from each round.

The process begins with each participant folding a piece of paper in half three times, so the paper is divided into eight sections.

A theme or problem is clearly defined at the beginning of the activity. When the timer begins, each person is encouraged to come up with one idea per minute.

Once the activity is finished, each participant gets to select their three favourite ideas across all the ideas generated.

The ideas with the most votes get carried forwards for further development.


Step 1
Fold a piece of paper in half three times

Step 2
Set a timer and every minute sketch an idea to solve your solution

Step 3
After eight sessions, select three of your favourite ideads

Step 4
Share your ideas with the group and vote on solutions

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