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Project FOMO

We were invited to be part of a Samsung Accelerator program tasked with taking advantage of Samsung's unique hardware position in VR. The aim was to leverage the world-class hardware, deep relationships in the industry, pioneering investments in the VR space and preferred placement for apps through a series of portfolio deals to become a leader in the VR software/app space. What we created was FOMO.

  • Samsung Accelerator
  • Technology
  • Immersive, UX, Digital Strategy
  • July 2016
The project

FOMO aimed to bring the worlds of creation and consumption together. The platform allowed users to cultivate followers, grow in fame and never miss any 360° videos or picture experience. Users could seamlessly upload and edit 360° footage from any camera within FOMO.

We knew an incredible opportunity was brewing in VR and Samsung (was) is uniquely positioned to take advantage of it. By leveraging our world-class hardware, deep relationships in the industry, pioneering investments in the VR space and preferred placement for our apps through our portfolio deals Samsung would become a leader in the VR software/app space as well.

We also knew content (was) is a problem with VR. It is hard to make, distribute, experience and share. It is also expensive, nascent, nauseating and unsophisticated with a fundamental constraint being the lack of broadcast-grade or even hobbyist cameras capable of capturing quality VR content.


We decided our product should have three fundamental features: creation, enhancement and consumption. It also needed to work with any camera, and all editing had to be done within the headset to give it the competitive advantage.

Users needed to download the app from the app store, create a FOMO account and pair the device with the users 360° camera. Once the user has popped their phone into a compatible headset (GearVR or Google Cardboard) they're ready to jump right in!

The user is then greeted with a 'MO (Missed Out)' screen. The first time you see this, it is based on trending and popular 360s. As users begin to use the app, we'll populate it with friend updates and latest videos of people they've been following. The main arena consists of five sections; Trending, Upload, Channels, Profile and Activity. All fully explorable via body movement and head tilts, as well as controller actions.

Initially, Trending content is displayed as we want users to consume as much content as much as possible. There are some great creators out there, and we want people to be inspired by their creations, experiences and mistakes too. A core function unique to FOMO is Editing. FOMO allows users to Trim your clips to custom lengths within the VR platform.

Removing the cumbersome experiences of shifting between headset, editing, sending and then previewing in the headset later. FOMO does this with real-time previews.

You can also manipulate colour, apply some Visual Effects and Export videos as an image sequence. Overlay lenses can be used to add life and fun to your videos. Whether you want to link a set of videos together or overlay data onto part of the video, the set filters give you all the freedom to be as creative as you like.

FOMO can handle all video and image file types that your camera can shoot at and works in a non-linear editing system with the ability to convert files into other video file types for publication on FOMO and other social networks.

When you pair your camera, we automatically sync your images to your FOMO profile. Don't worry about the privacy setting by default are for your eyes only. You can also download your content to your phone, organise them into albums, share and manage in one location.

Other features included: Adding captions, doodles and overlays with a range of fun lenses. The product also automatically synchronise multiple user videos from several angles using sound recognition technology.