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CNN Style

Nural Choudhury served as Senior Creative Director for CNN International from 2013-2016. There he oversaw the creative direction, innovation and brand consistency of product initiatives for CNN outside of America. One of his challenges was to launch a new style website, which aimed to expand the brand’s portfolio beyond news further. CNN currently hosts world, sport, technology, entertainment, travel and money sub-sites, and now also CNN Style.

  • CNN
  • Broadcast
  • Design, Digital Strategy, User Experience
  • July 2015

CNN Style saw the relaunch, rebrand and transition of the style section to a full editorial vertical. We had to evolve what we had grown as a brand and reinforce its positioning across all digital platforms.

The new website provides news and features on fashion, design, architecture, arts, auto-motives and the luxury sector. It includes an image-led, long-scroll screen with a black background, which differentiates it from the majority of the other sub-sites, which have a white background and are more text-heavy.

Photography and journalism are central to CNN Style and in design terms we looked carefully at usability and the site structure to house great photography – if we’ve sent someone 4,000 miles to get ‘that’ picture, why restrict it to 460px wide? Let’s show it 1600 and give readers that immersive experience.

Being part of a TV network also has the benefits of having a lot of quality Video, so we designed CNN Style to make that experience easier and remove the clutter to make that content accessible.

The clean aesthetic design required a content audit, information architecture redevelopment, user experience evaluation and a visual design pivot. Working with an incredible typographer to create a highly legible custom font to solidify the brand.