Service blueprint

A service blueprint is a tool that helps teams understand how the customer sees or experiences a business’s service process. It’s a diagram that visualizes relationships between people, processes, and physical and digital touch-points tied to a specific customer journey.

A plan of the various anecdotal stakeholder accounts, consumers statements and use cases on a massive chart. With connections to the supporting technology, touch-points, governance areas and departments.

Customer Benefits
  • Service blueprint
  • Data governance and management plan
  • MoSCoW prioritisation plan

Service blueprints are a time-consuming and an expensive process, but they can transform your relationship with your customers and bring teams across your entire organization together.

Regardless of what you do next, a service blueprint will allow you to create a framework to implement projects beyond this outline. With the data gathered, you can map them to business priorities and create a backlog of Must HaveShould HaveCould Have and Won’t Have.

This will prevent you from throwing money at projects and allow you to pivot without losing focus.

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