What can we do and how might we help?

We're specialists in kick-starting projects and seeing them through to fruition, helping our clients to achieve their end goal no matter how ambitious. If you have an existing project that's reached a standstill, our team has the necessary skills and insight to revive it.

What's more, you don’t have to have all the answers. That's what we’re here for. We’ll scrutinise your business with analytics and evaluate every drop off point, behavioural change and so forth until we find the root cause of the problem.

Only when we've reached this innate level of understanding can we begin to find a viable solution and get things back on track.

Redesign and realignment is our bread and butter. We have a proven track record for shaping the direction of multiple interactive products. This includes the planning, managing and evolving of legacy features into innovative design solutions across various platforms.
We are dedicated to creating stunning projects and experiences that tell stories in a personal and engaging way. At akanoodles, we work across multiple platforms and are perfectly equipped to be the interface between the digital and the physical world.

We offer anything from virtual experiences to physical user interfaces. Whatever the budget, we’ll aim to create designs that are on-brand, focused and memorable. New concepts emerge every day, and we will continue to evolve as they do.
Already have a design and development team? No problem, in all honesty, most organisations we work with have an in-house team, but what we tend to find is these precious resources are stretched trying to keep the day to day business running.

As a consequence, that business-altering proof-of-concept, usually never sees the light of day. It’s understandably difficult to sell a new idea if you have nothing tangible to present, and the truth is, a prototype is worth a thousand meetings.

We act as your temporary resource to create your MVP, on your behalf. We test, iterate and develop with Design Sprints until you’re happy with the finished product, at which point we hand back to your in-house team to execute and launch. It's that simple. And you know what they say about simple ideas? They're always the best ones.
We don’t know how your business works. But neither do your customers. Our expertise in data insight and social listening is what we provide.

We use that valuable knowledge to collaborate with your business and problem solve. Teaming up with other teams is part of our philosophy. We have a zero ego policy, and we’re nice people. That gives us the ability to listen, integrate and deliver a product that is right for your business and, more importantly, your customer base.
We are comfortable with managing identities throughout all types of media, including print and social. Experienced enough to articulate design ideas, potential technology solutions, brand executions and strategic territories with peers, executive stakeholders and the vendors we manage.

The holistic approach we offer our clients is humble and user-centric. We listen carefully to requirements and are driven by a determination to make the most exquisite, intuitive and greatest product we can.
The way we work is 'Design Sprints', which is a 4-day process for rapidly solving big challenges, creating new products, or improving existing ones. It compresses months of work into a few days.

The only commitment we need is you (physically) in a room with us for two days. After that, we'll work away in our bunker and deliver Pre-flight Sprint Research, an Interactive Prototype, Targeted User Validation, User Test Video Highlights, an Executive Summary PDF (Ready to Share), Developer Ready Working Files and a Project Handover.

Compressing months of work into a few days is cost-effective and provides you clear yes/no answers to the questions you started — no commitment beyond that. We promise!