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Design sprint workshop for Tourism Ireland

Most of my services are in response to Horizontal or Vertical integration strategies

Horizontal Integration

You’ve acquired someone or created a new product and service. This usually means a redesign or integration of a new process.

Vertical Integration

Something is not working or you need to reduce costs by improving operational efficiencies. This can be anything but commonly starts with root cause analysis.

Service packages

Can I help and do you need me?

Alignment plan

We spend one hour together to structure your thoughts and define the work more clearly. Increasing the chances of success, whether you decide to work with me, someone else or complete the work internally.

• Vendor validation

• Define the project
• Remote workshopping

Let's get to the bottom of this

Product health check

Product Health Checks are essentially reports that take a look at revenue generation, profitability, market fit, competitive positioning and end-user experiences. They provide actionable insights that can (potentially) reduce costs by improving operational efficiencies with digital tools or process improvements.

• Summary report
• Data
• Opportunities and next steps

Focus, aim, visualise

Service blueprint

A plan of the various anecdotal stakeholder accounts, consumers statements and use cases on a massive chart. With connections to the supporting technology, touch-points, governance areas and departments.

• Service blueprint
• Data governance and management plan

• MoSCoW prioritisation plan

Create and innovate faster

Design sprint

Design Sprint compresses months of work into a few days and provides you with a clear yes/no to the questions you started with — no commitment beyond that.

• Interactive prototype
• User test findings report
• Executive summary
• Developer ready files

Find your voice and edge

Brand sprint

Brand Sprints are an expressive exercise that help turn ideas about your brand into a defined brand image. A brand sprint can help your company find its place in the competitive landscape.

• Value proposition canvas
• Key brand elements
• Brand mapping
• One line, trueline and tagline
• Brand pyramid

We're not done yet

CRO plan

Conversion rate optimisation plans are focused on reducing the gap between the perception of your experiences and that of your customers.

Using a combination of social listening, domain tracking, and data analysis, we put in place several strategies to track, test and optimise approaches.

• Summary report
• Data, MVT, A/B Testing plan
• Opportunities and next steps

Align, define, design and deliver

Full works

Getting a digital solution off the ground is a multi-step process that involves active collaboration between various teams. This package provides an end-to-end solution ready for you to put into development.

• Statement of work
• Experience design approach
• UX assets
• Design system
• Solution architecture
• QA Strategy

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