Welcome to my portfolio

I'm Nural Choudhury, a
digital designer inspired
by technology, brands
and emerging platforms.

Considered a Creative ‘doer' as well as a Creative 'thinker' with an extensive portfolio built from working in multiple sectors.

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So what do I do?
A designer by trade

My focus has usually been on digital transformation, problem-solving and managing identities throughout all types of media. I’m a bit like Larry David, irritated by things that normal people would ignore and obsessed with making them better.

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Imagine, conceive and conjure

I can sketch ideas with ease, extract actionable insights from data and create models to navigate away from gridlock moments.

New, redesigned or optimised

I’m determined to define how businesses should be represented to the public as new domains and marketing trends emerge.

Experience Design
Empathetic, frictionless and efficient

I’m focused on ensuring outputs are geared to increase conversion, brand awareness and positive customer sentiment.

Build, amplify and support

I’ve built multiple teams and provide them with the safety to fail, learn and grow into progressive independent-minded thinkers.

Client engagements

I've done a lot of things for a lot of different people