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About us
akanoodles is an independent consultancy working across Branding, Broadcast, Content marketing, Experience design and immersive experiences.

Our collective in-house expertise combines high-level strategic thinking, with cohesive visual design, product development and data insight to identify key opportunities, and solutions to meet business objectives.
Value proposition

Design sprint facilitation

We help the best companies in the world create products and innovate better and faster. Our Design sprint workshops compress months of work into a few days, to either navigate away from those gridlock moments, reinvigorate stagnant projects or kick-start dream projects.

Digital strategy
Content strategy and brand positioning

We identify opportunities that will reinvigorate your business model and mobilise your organisation to deliver results.

Product Innovation
New, redesigned or optimised

We aim to enhance products so that customers not only love them but develop paths consumers will want to follow.

Experience Design
Processes and omni-channel journeys

We create products based on the explicit understanding of users, their tasks and the environments in which they operate.

Product Development
Engineering, scoping and formulation

We take products from ideation and concept generation all the way to launch, measurement and optimisation.

Clients engagements
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What can we do and how might we help?

Whether you’re a publisher, a tech company, or an individual looking to design and build a digital product. We can offer our expertise and support in making your idea a reality. We offer an integrated approach that is nimble and aligned to accommodate any business strategy or goal, no matter what the scope of the brief or the size of the organisation. So please get in touch.

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